terms & conditions

This service is for your personal use only and is not for use by anyone other than you in respect of your credit report information.

By ordering a Check Your Credit product or service, you also confirm you are requesting a copy of your own consumer credit related information and that the details you have supplied are true and correct. You understand it is an offence under federal laws to misrepresent your identification and improperly access a Check Your Credit product or service that is not your own and a breach may result in a penalty or imprisonment. You understand that your credit information is current as at the time of request for a copy, and unless you have sought a credit alert from us you may need to order a report again in the future to get the most up-to-date information.

Whilst illion provides the service of credit reporting with due care and skill, you agree and acknowledge that:

a. the information in your Check Your Credit product or service is supplied to all parties “as is” and may contain errors, be incomplete, be inaccurate or out of date because it is compiled from private sources (e.g. third party creditors) or public information sources (as the law permits) which is not independently verified by illion; and

b. because of the way that information is lawfully obtained, illion cannot, and does not guarantee or warrant the correctness, completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any information obtained or derived through or in connection with your Check Your Credit product or service.

The information collected from you when you order a Check Your Credit product or service will be used for identity verification (to ensure that the correct report is accessed) and may be held and used to update your contact details or identification information. Your government identifiers (e.g. Drivers Licence number) will only be used for identity verification and will not form part of your consumer credit report. illion may disclose this information to third parties who perform these services on our behalf or buy our credit reports (in respect of your contact details and drivers licence number).

If you have ordered a free credit report it will be in your online account or dispatched by mail within 3 days of you completing your order and successful identity verification. Where you have paid for a notification/alert product, we don’t charge extra for your request or providing access to your credit information.

For questions about your report (after you have ordered it), please contact illion’s Public Access Centre on 0800 362 222. Please note that illion's consultants will not be able to discuss your report unless you have already obtained it and are able to identify the areas of concern.

If you have a correction to make, please be aware that you may need to provide the Public Access Centre with evidence of the details to be corrected. In some circumstances, clarification may need to be obtained from a credit provider prior to the matter being finalized..

Privacy Statement “illion” means illion New Zealand Ltd – Company No. 361 901 and other related entities. illion collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information about the individual that is the subject of the Check Your Credit product or service (you) for the purpose of carrying out credit reporting, debt collection and other activities as set out in more detail in our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy includes how to correct personal information illion holds about you. Privacy Policy