Top 4 personal finance apps

Managing your money on the go has become easier with the range of mobile applications on the market. Here are our pick of the best four personal finance apps to help you get your budget on track.

Pay Off Debt

If you’re focused on getting rid of your debt, it’s a good idea to get a grip on exactly what you owe, how long it’ll take you to pay down your debt and how much you can afford to pay per month. These are some of the features Pay Off Debt provides (US$2.99) to help you take control of your finances. The app also helps you prioritise your debt by lowest balance, highest interest or any order you prefer; as well as reminds you when your payments are due. You can also motivate yourself by viewing your planned debt-free date.


Expensify is a free app that tracks your spending by allowing you to log each expense by category – the best bit is that it allows you to scan your receipt into the app and matches it with an imported credit card transaction. Great for those who don’t want to keep a stack of receipts at home and are too lazy to key in actual details. You can also import expenses from a credit card or bank account.

Expensify is also integrated with a number of external apps, such as QuickBooks, Salesforce and Evernote and Custom Payroll, making it easy to sync other financial information.


Self-branded as ‘your digital file cabinet’, Doxo securely stores financial documents on your phone – categorised by type such as bills, receipts and review documents – and backs them up with your computer. You can also organise your documents by account so it’s easy to separate your phone bill from your rent and credit card bills.

Home Budget

Home Budget is similar to Expensify, but while its interface isn’t as clean or stylish, it’s great for those who are budget obsessed. It not only lets you log expenses and bills by category (rent, utilities, food, entertainment and so on), but also takes into account your income so that you can see if you’re spending beyond your means. Home Budget also features a nifty calendar that will remind you when your next bills are due and if they’re paid. This app can be a little too detailed for the average consumer wanting to get a rough overview of the basics they’re spending on, but good for those who want to see their trends over the past six months and budget rollover history.