Three tips to save money on holiday: Part 1

It may sound like an oxymoron at first, but saving money whilst on holiday is possible if you’re finding your finances are getting a little tight. You can still enjoy your interstate or overseas holiday without breaking the bank, by following the below five tips to save money and travel smart.

1. Travel during off-peak seasons

Travelling during off-peak seasons such as winter and during school terms can mean cheaper flights and accommodation, as well as fewer tourists. In the United States, Mexico or the Caribbean, off-peak seasons can stretch to include the Atlantic hurricane season when tropical storms hit the coasts from June to November. While you shouldn’t compromise your personal safety for the sake of saving money, you can always travel just before or towards the end of the hurricane season.

2. Book flights yourself

You’ll save money by booking your flights directly through the airline website, instead of through travel agents as they typically charge commissions. However, it’s also important to be aware of the credit card fees the airline’s website may charge and any baggage fees. Booking flights well in advance, mid-week or during a sale will also ensure you’re getting the best deal.

3. Don’t go five-star

Going abroad on a budget probably means you can’t afford to stay in a five-star hotel suite for the whole trip. Consider budget or express hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express or Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, or even a “random pick” assigned to you by sites such as, which are usually much cheaper. If you feel like treating yourself, one night in a luxury hotel (as opposed to two weeks) can still be squeezed in without stretching your budget too much.

Check back next week for three additional tips for saving money while on holiday.